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Our first collaboration with Chef Anne Quatrano of Bacchanalia, Star Provisions and Floatway Cafe. She has teamed with Tony Riffel (Octane Coffee), Dan Jackobson (Chik-fil-A), and Steven Chan (Tin Drum). This has been a powerhouse team to work with with everyone playing strong parts of creating this new restaurant concept. Chef Quatrano and I led the design process for a very simple space located at Ponce City Market. The project isn’t located in the food hall, but out on the south side of the building, facing North avenue, and Old Fourth Ward Park beyond. This gives the restaurant a more accessible position for local residents and a nice outdoor space facing South. Serving breakfast all-day, the project combines simple finishes, lighting and color. It is an elegant combination of rigorously detailed wood walls, a monolithic maple coffee bar, and playful, hand-stenciled plywood floor tiles. The colors, mostly white with tones of orange and pink create a very calming atmosphere. Dark blue tones show up occasionally as foundation in the benches and flooring, with ceramic tiles of white on off-white on matt-white. Subtle shifts in light and texture come into focus as we wake up and have PANCAKES PLEASE!