the El Felix

In collaboration with Parts and Labor and Elizabeth Ingram Studio

The El Felix, Mex-Tex by Ford Fry Restaurants, is a project all about the details. This was a collaboration with New York design firm Parts and Labor as well as Elizabeth Ingram Studio. This is the second concept following the design of Superica. However, the El Felix was built first in a brand new multi-use development is Alpharetta, GA. The construction went faster than Krog, however, it required a bit more extensive design in the all new facade and steel windows. Similar custom light fixtures, masonry walls, rope ceilings, steel pivoting doors and rebar shelves were used at this location. In some ways more successfully, because of the blank canvas the new building afforded. 

There are (2) outdoor patios, one uncovered on the main boulevard, and the other in a protected passageway leading to other parts of the complex.